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    Main activities
    Production of rectified ethyl alcohol from grain production of technical rectified ethyl alcohol technological steam
principal activity
  • production of rectified ethyl alcohol from grain
  • production of technical rectified ethyl alcohol
  • technological steam
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Yangiyul Biochemical Plant, now JSC "BIOKIMYO", was put into operation in 1957 with the launch of a steam-power shop.

The steam-power shop was designed to provide steam for Yangiyul enterprises and own production. In the steam power shop, 3 steam boilers are in operation - 2 of them Bukkau-Wolf brand with a capacity of 40 tons per hour and 75 tons per hour and one DE-25/14 grade with a capacity of 25 tons per hour. In 2013 the production of 108,074 thousand Gcal of steam is forecast.

In 1958, a hydrolysis and alcohol shop was put into operation with a design capacity of 170 thousand tons of technical alcohol per year. Technical alcohol was produced for the production needs of cable, leather, radio engineering and other industries of the republic based on plant raw materials - sawdust and rice husks. The process of obtaining technical alcohol was based on microbiological fermentation of hexose sugars, obtained as a result of hydrolysis of plant raw materials.

As a result of the lack of plant raw materials in 2003, the hydrolysis unit was stopped. At present, the technological process for the production of technical alcohol is carried out through the epilation and distillation of the head ethyl alcohol fraction (EAF), which is a by-product of the production of grain alcohol.

In 2013, the production of technical alcohol in the amount of 31,1 thousand decaliters is forecasted.

In accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On increasing the production of ethyl alcohol to meet the needs of the national economy of the republic," a complex for the production of grain alcohol with a design capacity of 821.4 thousand tons was built and commissioned in OAO BIOKIMYO in December 1998.

The main consumers of ethanol rectified from grain according to GOST 5962-67 are the enterprises of HC "Uzvinosanoat-Holding", SJSC "Dori-Darmon", "Uzzoovetamtinot-hizmat", SJSC "Uzfarmsanoat", "Eg-moy tamaki sanoat", IHCB "Suvokava" and other third-party organizations of the State Unitary Enterprise "Akademtaminot", LLC "Temirjulpharmacia", perfumery and cosmetics enterprises, regional and district khokimiyats.

As the main raw material for the production of ethanol rectified from grain wheat is used. The production of rectified ethyl alcohol from grain is based on the process of fermentation by microbiological means of products of fermentative hydrolysis of starch, which is the main part of wheat.

Ensuring the production of ethyl alcohol rectified with grain raw materials is carried out by enterprises of SJSC "Uzdonmahsulot" at the expense of the republican fund. The supply of production with materials and chemicals is carried out by domestic enterprises according to the previously established and newly established direct relations.

The complex for the production of grain alcohol from technological equipment in accordance with the working draft is fully completed.

The hygienic certificate was issued to the technological equipment for the production of ethyl ethyl alcohol rectified from grain by the Center of State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance in the Tashkent region under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the Uzstandard Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan issued a certificate of conformity.


As part of the production of alcohol from grain there is a workshop for the production of liquefied carbon dioxide with a capacity of 2800 tons / year. Liquefied carbon dioxide is produced from a byproduct of the alcohol production of fermentation gases, which are formed during alcohol fermentation of the wort. In terms of quality, the carbon dioxide produced meets the requirements of GOST - 8050.

At present, the equipment for the production of ethyl alcohol and liquefied carbon dioxide is in a satisfactory condition.

In the process of production of ethyl rectified alcohol, a byproduct - ether-aldehyde fraction is formed, which is used for own needs to produce ethanol of technical rectified according to GOST 18300-87.

Formed in the process of production of alcohol from grain, a waste - post-alcohol cereal bard is used by the population, farms for feeding agricultural animals.

In 1995, the enterprise was transformed into an open joint-stock company, the statutory fund of the company is currently 1 196 218 000 UZS, placed for 35708 shares.

During the period from 2008 to 2013 the company carried out the following works on modernization and reconstruction in the production of grain alcohol:

- Substituted morally and physically obsolete:

- Separator grain cleaning brand А1БМС-6 Q = 6 ton / hour, for the modern separator grain cleaning. SCC, Q = 7-12 ton / hour

- Hammer mill A1 АМ2Р -110 on the modern hammer mill ММ140.

- fermentation vats in a fermentation compartment for 9 tanks of stainless steel.

- 2 plate heat exchangers for 2 heat exchangers of the brand Alfa Laval. Flow "corresponding to world standards.

- 1 mixer-precursor and installed 1 mixer - pre-refreshing reserve in the wort preparation department, both of stainless steel ..

- There are 2 additional hydrodynamic processing units made of stainless steel;

- drop eliminators on 2 cooling towers of the circulating water supply system.

- 9 pumping units of various brands.

A steam boiler of DE 25/14 GM grade with a capacity of 25 t / h was installed and put into operation.

The main activities of the enterprise

According to the statute:

The main goal of the company is to make a profit.

The subject of activity of JSC "BIOKIMYO" is the production and sale:

- ethyl alcohol rectified from grain;

- ethyl rectified technical ethanol;

- thermal energy;

- microbiological products,

- Perfumes and cosmetics;

- Leasing of buildings, movable and immovable property.

 As well as other activities that are not inconsistent with the law.