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Subject and objectives of activity

Subject and objectives of activity

Sphere of activity (main directions) and goals of the Company.
Types of additional activities

The purpose of the Company's activity is to obtain profit as a result of its activities.
 The scope of the company's activity (the basic direction) consists of the following:
Production and sale of food and technical alcohol,
Production and sale of thermal energy,
Production and sale of chemical and household products.
 Together with the implementation of the above main activities, the Company can additionally perform the following activities:
Investment, innovasiya, external economic, scientific, design marketing intermediary activity,
Construction and installation works, commissioning and repair,
Service, purchase of products,
Rent of buildings, immovable and movable property;
Production and sale of agricultural, livestock and poultry products;
The Company has the right to carry out other types of activities that meet the objectives of the Company in the manner prescribed by law.
If it is necessary to license certain types of activities, they are carried out after obtaining the appropriate license in accordance with the established procedure.


- Improving the quality of products
- higher qualification of personnel
- stable high production and economic indices
- reduction of production costs
- timely renewal of worn-out equipment
- modernization and reconstruction of production

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