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6 May 2024

About dividends

Attention to the shareholders of Biokimyo JSC!


According to the decisions of the general meetings of shareholders of Biokimyo JSC dividends according to the results of 2020, 2021 and according to the results of 2022, they were accrued and paid in full and on time.

The form of payment of dividends was carried out by transferring funds to a bank account and by transferring funds to a plastic card.

Dividends according to the results of 2020-2022 were sent by mail to addresses. The dividends unclaimed by shareholders were returned by mail to the Biokimyo accounting account indicating the reason for the return (lack of the addressee or with the death of a shareholder).

BIOKIMYO JSC continues the payment of non -demanded dividends.

In connection with this, the administration of Biokimyo JSC, in order to organize the payment of dividends, published a list of shareholders on unclaimed dividends (https://biokimyo.uz/ru/menu/dividendy).

Contacts: website www.biokimyo.uz, e-mail: info@biokimyo.uz, tel.: +95 177 30 75.

We attach information about unclaimed dividends.

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