Ру Ўз O'z

Ethyl alcohol recticed from grain

Currently, the company produces two types of alcohol:

- ethyl alcohol rectified from food raw materials (grains);

- Alcohol ethyl rectified technical from the Etrugaldehyde fraction.

Depending on the degree of purification of alcohol, ethyl rectified from food raw materials is produced by 4 brands: "Higher Cleaning", "Extra", "Suite" and "Alpha". The continuous process of rectification is fully automated. At all stages of production, hard quality control is maintained, technological discipline is strictly observed. Finished products comply with the regulatory requirements established by the "General Technical Regulations on Safety of Alcohol Products" No. 71 and ơz DST 3115: 2016 "Ethyl alcohol recticed from food raw materials. Technical conditions. " In the process of producing an ethyl substituent alcohol from grain in the process of rectification, a by-product of alcohol production - ether - aldehyde fraction is formed, which is used on their own needs to obtain an ethyl technical rectified alcohol according to ơz DST 3490: 2020 "Ethyl alcohol and technical alcohol. Technical conditions. "

The raw material for the production of alcohol ethyl rectified of food raw materials is wheat, relevant to the requirements of ơz DST 880: 2015.

The main consumers of alcohol ethyl recummined from are the enterprises "Agency for the regulation of alcohol and tobacco market and the development of winemaking", GAK RUZ Dory - Darmmon as a disinfectant, solvent as part of medicines.

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