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Rights of shareholders

Shareholders are entitled to:

inclusion in the register of shareholders of the relevant society;

Receipt of deposit accounts regarding yourself;

Obtaining a part of the Company's profits in the form of dividends;

obtaining a part of the property in the event of the liquidation of society in accordance with the share owned by him;

participation in the management of society through voting in general meetings of shareholders;

obtaining in the prescribed manner full and reliable information on the results of financial and economic activities of the Company;

free disposal of the dividend received;

protection of their rights in the authorized state authority to regulate the securities market, as well as in court;

the requirement of compensation for damages caused by him in the prescribed manner;

Association in association and other non-governmental non-profit organizations in order to submit and protect their interests;

Insurance of risks associated with possible losses, including missed benefits when purchasing securities.

Shareholders may have other rights in accordance with the legislation and the Charter of the Company.

The implementation of the right to the shareholder should not violate the rights and protected interests of other shareholders.

The establishment of restrictions on the alienation of shares does not deprive the right of shareholder - the owner of these shares to participate in the management of society and receive dividends on them in the manner prescribed by this Law.

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