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    Main activities
    Production of rectified ethyl alcohol from grain production of technical rectified ethyl alcohol technological steam
principal activity
  • production of rectified ethyl alcohol from grain
  • production of technical rectified ethyl alcohol
  • technological steam

Attention shareholder JC "BIOKIMYO"!


Attention shareholder JC "BIOKIMYO"!

On the grounds of decisions of the meeting  9 Observant advices
from December 19 2017 JC "BIOKIMYO" reports on undertaking the extraordinary common meeting on December 29 2017 in 10-00 hours in большом common-room administrative building JC "BIOKIMYO"

The Address: city YAngiyuli, street Kimyogar, house 1.

The Questions comprised of agenda:

1.    Approving the regulations of the extraordinary common meeting JC "BIOKIMYO".
2.    Statement кондидатуры Uralova Erkinzhona Kungirbayevicha member of the Observant advice JC "BIOKIMYO".
3.    Statement accrued (discharged) and added (выплаечиваемых) of the sizes of the payments and вознагрождений members of the Observant advice, Revisory commission and executive organ for period 2014-2016 and 9 months 2017.
4.    Statement to new editing of the Charter JC "BIOKIMYO".
5.    Approving the list аффилированных persons and approval of the deals with organization, on production of the food ethyl alcohol, alcoholic, ликероводочной and винодельческой to product, being аффилированными by persons, made in the current economic activity, which subject of the deal are a raw material and material, used for production and economic necessities, as well as производимая society preparing product.
6.    Statement new editing Positions "About премировании members of the observant advice, revisory commission and rules JC "BIOKIMYO".
The Registration shareholder begins in 9-00 hours on December 29 2017.
For registration necessary to present the document certifying personality (the passport), representative of the shareholder without fall- notarial notorized warrant.
With material and information regarding common meeting possible gets acquainted on put the society www.biokimyo.uz, possible address to g.YAngiyuli, str.Kimyogar, dom1, tel.: (370) 602-43-97 and on electronic address yangiyolbiokimyo@vinsanoat.uz, biokimyo@mail.ru.
An accepted decision was On meeting of the observant advice about shaping the roll shareholder:
The Date of the shaping the roll for notification of undertaking the common meeting for December 19 2017.
The Date of the shaping the roll shareholder for participation on the common meeting for December 25 2017.

Observant advice

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